What Every Business Should Know About Lead Generation

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The most important thing for a growing business is to have a continuous flow of new leads coming in.

If you have a brand-new business, you must start with cold traffic. If you have an existing business, you need to bring new people into the business.  Cold traffic is the term used to describe traffic from people who are not familiar with your business. To grow, you need to have a cold traffic strategy.

The purpose of a cold traffic strategy is to raise awareness of your business. The first step is to build trust and establish yourself as a source of value with your new audience. Pitching your product or service to strangers and asking for a sale is not effective. They don’t know you or trust you, so they are not likely to want to give you their money in exchange for your product or service.

How do you build value?

You build value with content. Content is the primary currency of the internet and this is where most of your customers spend their time.  Focus on what your ideal customers are really struggling with and ask yourself, what is it that they would really love to hear or see right now.  Once you know the answer to that question, then you know what content you need to create to help them with their problem. Get a notebook and make a list of topics that you can discuss that will help them to find a solution.


If you are having a hard time answering this question, download our free Ideal Customer Avatar Creation Worksheet and use it to help you identify who your customers are and what truly motivates them.

Why build value?

If you look at the world from your ideal customer’s perspective, you will see that you receive a lot of information every day. The average person is exposed to approximately 5,000 ads per day. Most of them do not grab our attention because we are inundated with so much information. Your ideal customer is focused on what is important to them at that time, and typically reacts negatively to an unsolicited sales pitch. It is a lot easier to establish a rapport with your target audience by delivering value first.

This approach is famously used by companies such as TED, who hosts TED Talks. They are an international media organization that have become renowned around the world due to their use of YouTube to make their TED Talks publicly available. Without this approach, it is unlikely their company would be the household name that it is today, and their company have grown significantly because of it. The point is, get positive attention and get lots of it.

Top 3 Engaging Content Ideas

  • Content Videos
  • Lead Magnets
  • Podcasts

What to do with the traffic once you get it?

When you have fresh new traffic coming to your business daily you now have 3 very distinct opportunities:

  1. Indoctrination and branding: You now have the opportunity to build your brand and build yourself as an authority in your industry, which makes you an influencer. You do not want to just have a transactional relationship with your clients. You want it to be transformational. Your communication with your new visitors allows you to showcase what makes your business different from all the others who claim to be doing the same thing. Take care of your audience and they will take care of you by promoting you and buying from you.
  2. Pixeling: You may decide to use online advertising to get more exposure for your business. When you do, you will need to know how to use pixels to your advantage.Pixels are codes on your website that allows you to collect valuable information about who is visiting. Much of this is demographic information that allows you to fine-tune your message and your marketing. You will be able to get an idea of topics your visitors are interested in, what age group they belong to, their gender, their geographical information and so on.Pixeling does not allow you to identify specific individuals, but it gives you summaries of your visitors that helps you to create the right campaigns with messages that appeal to them. Your pixeled audience is also an informal contact list because when someone visits your website, and are pixeled, you have the ability to target them in the future with advertising. You have probably experienced this before while you are browsing, you visit a website related to a specific product, and then you begin to see their ads everywhere. This is happening because you were pixeled by the company that is now advertising to you.
  3. Segmentation: You will be able to segment your website visitors based on their interest. If someone visits your website and reads articles related to specific topics, you will be able to build ad campaigns to reach audiences who have an interest in that specific topic, instead of sending generic campaigns that they cannot relate to.For example, if you have a section on your website that speaks specifically about vegan recipes, you can have a specific pixel for that category, then build ad campaigns to target your audience who have read or used content in your vegan category. Most importantly you can avoid promoting content that they have absolutely no interest in. So if you had a meat lovers campaign, you could exclude your audience who only have an interest in vegan content.

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Gregory Turner is the Co-Founder of Supersize Your Business and the author of the book 'Supersize Your Business, The digital marketing guide to transform leads to profits'. He is a certified specialist in customer acquisition, copywriting and content marketing.