How Much Time Do People Spend on Social Media in 2019? [Infographic]

In what will come as absolutely no surprise, people are spending more time than ever staring at their smartphones in 2019. 

Look around you in any public place and you’ll see it – people with their heads down, their fingers swiping. Immersed in the latest news stories, the latest memes, the latest updates from their friends. It’s become so prolific that some regions have implemented mobile user-specific footpaths, in order to stop people running into each other, while in Australia, some towns have started to embed traffic signals into the pavement to ensure that they catch the attention of those not looking up from their screens.  

And while we know that more people are spending more and more time online, it’s important to note, specifically, what they’re actually doing. And for marketing purposes, which apps and tools they’re spending their time in. 

That’s what this new infographic from Famemass is about – expanding on their previous graphic which looked at how much time people now spend connected to media, this one looks specifically at social platforms, and where people are spending their time. 

The graphic incorporates insights from a range of research studies – and while the Twitter numbers seem a little low, it does provide an interesting overview of broader social media usage trends.

Infographic lists how much time people spend on social platforms

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