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Getting New Customers Have Never Been This Easy. Imagine knowing exactly where your next sale is coming from.

Get our system for acquiring new customers. Learn how to drive traffic from Facebook, Google, YouTube, LinkedIN and other popular social media sites.

 More Details About The Program

Facebook Marketing

    • How to target different types of leads.
    • How to identify your target market.
    • Navigating Facebook Power Editor and Ads manager.
    • How to generate traffic using Facebook Ads.
    • How to generate sales using Facebook Ads.

Social Media Selling

    • Creating your social media accounts.
    • Social listening – how to identify the right people to network with on social media, how to identify top topics.
    • Social networking – how to join the right groups and people who can help you to grow your business.
    • Social Influencing – how to increase engagement and participation among your social media following.
    • Social selling – how to properly introduce your products to your social media following.

Advertising using Google

    • How to use AdWords
    • How to identify the right keywords for your ad campaigns.
    • How to use Google display network
    • How to use Google remarketing to increase sales

Search Engine Marketing

    • Optimizing search engine results for your business.
    • Optimizing your website.
    • How to use content to enhance your search engine results.
    • How to convert search traffic into leads.
    • Introducing webmaster tools and analytics software.
    • How to analyze your website and content.

Sales Funnels

    • What is a sales funnel
    • What is the customer value ladder
    • The formula for increasing the value of each customer.
    • How to create a lead magnet
    • How to get your first sale using a tripwire.
    • How to promote your main offers.
    • How to maximize your profits.
    • How to integrate upsells, downsells and cross sells in your funnel.
    • How to follow up. 21 ways to present your product.

Organic Traffic Generation

    • Introduction to content marketing.
    • How to identify what content your customer is looking for.
    • How to leverage free content to increase your sales.
    • How to find relevant content that you can use on your website and social media.
    • How to find writers and other affordable resources to help you create content.
    • How to use social media live features to increase your sales.
    • How to leverage webinars to generate leads and increase sales.

How To Close Sales Online

    • Copywriting tips to help you convert interest into sales.
    • How to write great headlines
    • How to communicate the benefits of your product
    • How to measure your sales copy and optimize for best results.
    • How to create lead conversion pages.
    • How to measure your results and optimize to get better results.

Mastering Ecommerce

    • Tools that can be used to increase sales on your eCommerce site.
    • How to design product pages to increase optimization
    • How to follow up on abandon carts
    • How to integrate upsells and get better results.

Most businesses don’t get it. But the most successful ones do. This is why they have a strategy to engage their potential customer at every step of this process.

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